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Insurance Agency

Having the right kind of insurance is central to sound financial planning.

Determine what asset or incident must be protected against loss/damage. Is it you life, health, vehicle, home?

Insurance Agent


Insurance is a necessary and versatile tool not only for insuring against events, but also to create other benefits like tax deferral and investments. Each type of insurance should be analyzed for your needs and the benefits provided to you.

Where did insurance come from?

Before there were large companies, insurance was handled within a community. If a person needed something in a community or a person had a disaster, the rest of the community would band together and provide for that person what was difficult for them to do themselves.

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Learning the most important things about different types of insurance will help you immensely both as a buyer and as a policy holder. In general, the different types vary considerably in terms of the types of coverage they offer and the way in which they work.

Insurance is so important that it is illegal to go without some forms of insurance. However, there are many kinds of insurance that are optional. Each type of insurance serves a specific need, and has importance.

Today, the world is moving very fast and one cannot deny the occurrence of accident at any point of time.

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Some of us may have some form of insurance but very few really understand what it is or why one must have it.